Officials' Abilities
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Updated over a week ago allows you to track referee ability, which ensures a referee is assigned to games that are appropriate for the referee's skill level.

Referees are automatically assumed to be not qualified, unless you grant the referee permission to work a specific age group.

When you assign referees to a game, displays conflict-related information on the assign drop-down box. A referee that is not able to work a specific age group will have an "A" next to their name, indicating they have an ability conflict with the specific game.

You can modify a referee's abilities on the Ability screen. Just click the People screen, then click the referee's name, then click the Ability link.

Referees cannot view the ability rankings you have established.

To toggle a referee's ability to work games of a specific age group, click the Allow All or Block All link.

Specific positions can also be blocked or allowed, just click the




to toggle.

The list of age groups can be sorted. Just click the age group name, and drag up or down in the list. We suggest you sort the age groups by difficulty order, so that your easier age groups are on top, and the harder age groups are on the bottom.

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