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Game Requests
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Updated over a week ago can help assignors manage game requests for officials. If you choose to enable this feature, referees can view your list of unassigned games and click a button to request an assignment.

As the assignor, you are periodically notified of game requests, and are able to view the requests and make an assigning decision. takes care of notifying the assigned referee, as well as any other referees that were not assigned to the game.


By default, the game request feature is not enabled. To activate the feature:

  • click the "Account" link in the upper right corner of the screen

  • click the Edit Settings link

  • Change the Game Requests drop-down list to either "Referees Can Request Any Game" or "Referees can request a game if it does not create a conflict."

  • If the View Permissions for Referees is set to None, change the value to one of the other options.

  • Click Update.

If you would like allow referees to request any game, choose the “Referees Can Request Any Game” list item.

If you choose the “Referees can request a game if it does not create a conflict” list item, referees will only be able to request games that will not cause a conflict. For example, if a referee's ability settings prevent her from working games in the Under 17 age group, she will not be able to request any games assigned to the Under 17 age group.

Assignor Notifications

As an assignor, you will be notified by email when a referee requests a game. If a referee requests a game within 36 hours of the game's start time, the notification will be sent immediately. For games that are more than 36 hours from start time, requests will be sent less frequently. In all cases, you will be notified within 24 hours.

View Pending Game Requests


To view games with pending requests:

  • click the Games menu item,

  • click the Pending Game Requests link.

Positions with a pending request will be indicated by an envelope



Granting a Game Request

To assign a referee to a requested game, click the Assign link.

If a referee has requested the game, they will have a request indicator ([RQ]) next to their name. Once you assign the referee to the game, the referee will be notified and will need to confirm the assignment. All other referees that have requested the assignment will be notified by email that they were not assigned.

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