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To communicate your availability to your assignor, you will need to enter your availability on You are automatically assumed to be not available, unless you have explicitly declared yourself available for a given day.

On the availability screen, you'll see a calendar with symbols indicating your availability and your scheduled games. It will look something like this:


The symbols on the calendar indicate whether you are available vs not available, and also show whether you have a game on a particular day.


indicates you are available all day


indicates you are NOT available at all on the given day


indicates you are available for part of the day (like 9am to noon, or after 6pm)


indicates you have a game scheduled on the given day.

At the bottom of the calendar is a switch that changes how you add and remove availability.


When Toggle Dates is selected, you can switch a day from Not Available to Available by selecting the date.


If you need to get more specific with the times you are available for a given day, you'll select Edit Times, then select the day you want to work with.


Available for Multiple Days

If you are making yourself available for an entire month, season, or some other range of dates, you can add a range of dates without needing to click on each day individually.

Use the Add a Range of Dates section of the page to indicate the start and end dates of when you are available.


You can also get specific with the days of the week by choosing Specific Days Until..., and then choosing the specific days of the week. For example, if you are available every Saturday and Sunday for the entire season, you can use this to add these dates all at once.

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