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How to Save Filters

This article walks you through how to save game filters for future use.

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A Game Filter is a way to narrow down the games you're viewing to correspond to a set of criteria you give the system. You can learn how to use these game filters here.

You have the option to save these filters for future use. If you find yourself keying in the same game filter criteria over and over, then saving your filters can save you time.

How to Create a Saved Filter:

To create a saved filter, you'll want to follow these steps:

1. Select the Filters menu item.

2. Select + New Filter.

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3. Name your Filter, and enter the criteria that you wish to make up your saved filter.

If you're not sure how to enter your filter criteria, be sure to check out this article on game filters, which walks you through the process.

πŸ’‘ When it comes to your saved filter's date range, you can enter a specific (static) date, or you can enter terms like 'tomorrow', 'yesterday' and 'today' which will auto-update to the corresponding date each time you run the filter.

4. Select Save.

Saved Filters β€” Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I find my saved filters?

You'll find all your saved filters under the Filters menu. To run one of them, simply select the Use button next to its name.

2. Can I save filters directly from the Games page?

Yes! If you're filtering games from any Games view, and want to save that criteria as its own filter, select the Save Filter button towards the bottom left-hand corner of the game filter window.

You'll be asked to name your filter, then select Okay.

Moving forward, the filter will show up alongside any other saved filters.

3. How can I edit my existing saved filters?

From the Filters section of your account. Simply select the name of the filter you wish to edit, and you'll be able to update and re-save it.

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4. Can I run a specific report using criteria from a saved filter?

Yes! You'll do this from the Reports menu.

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.

  2. From the Use a Saved Filter dropdown, select the game filter you wish to run a report on.

  3. From the Choose a Report dropdown, select which report you want to run.

  4. Double-check that your game filter criteria looks correct.

  5. Select Run Report.

Your report will be downloaded automatically.

You can learn more about how to run reports here.

5. Are there any other places I can view/use my saved filters?

You'll generally see your saved filters any place that you see game filters, in the lower right-hand corner of the game filters window:

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To autopopulate one of your saved filters, select your filter from the Use a Saved Filter dropdown, and select Go.

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