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How to Batch Edit, Delete & Publish Games via Batch Updates
How to Batch Edit, Delete & Publish Games via Batch Updates

Our Batch Update feature can be used to make mass changes to a group of games.

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With Batch Updates, you can filter on the games you wish to make changes to, and then complete any of the following things:

  • publish, unpublish, cancel, 'un-cancel,' or delete games,

  • send a message to the assigned officials of those games,

  • update the date and/or time of games, and

  • change other game attributes (such as age group, venue, league, etc).

Note: we also offer the ability to do a batch update of games via spreadsheet import. We only recommend this option if you prefer to make your updates in a spreadsheet. Otherwise, the system's built in batch update feature is generally the way to go. πŸ‘‡

1. To get started, select Games β†’ Batch Update.

2. Under Find Games to Update, filter on the games you wish to make changes to.

You can filter on a number of different criteria. Once you've added all of your game filters, select Next: Confirm Action.

3. Next, choose the action that reflects the batch update you'd like to make.

On this page, you'll see all of the actions you can take, along with all of the games that contain the criteria that you filtered on, from the previous screen.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip for Deleting Games in Bulk:

Before performing a mass-delete of your games, we recommend that you export a CSV report of those games, to save to your drive, should you ever need to reference that historical game data in the future.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip for Changing Game Attributes:

If you select Change Game Attributes, you'll also need to select the attribute(s) you wish to change.

You'll notice a dropdown or text box for each attribute you select, where you can enter the batch change(s) you wish to make.

4. Finalize your Batch Update.

You can opt to either:

  1. Change All of the games that came up when you initially filtered on games to update, or

  2. Select only some of those games, at the bottom of your screen, then select Change Only Selected.

We hope this helps with any batch updates you're looking to make! Let us know if you have any questions on this process at [email protected]. πŸ‘

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