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A saved search allows you to create groups of games, people or teams, based on criteria you specify. A search can be used to limit the teams, games or people from their respective screens.

A search can be exported to Excel, or can be used to apply a "batch" operation, such as cancelling or deleting multiple games with one command.

Each search can have a descriptive name, so that you can remember what the group represents.

To create a new saved search:

  • Click the Searches menu item.

  • Click Create a New Search.

  • In the Search For: box, choose Games, Teams or People.

  • In the Description field, type a descriptive name for your search.

  • In the Criteria fields, choose the appropriate criteria for your search.

  • Click Create.

Once you have created a search, the Searches screen will show:

  • Count, (number of records matching your criteria)

  • View, (view the records on the Games/Teams/People screen)

  • CSV, (export to CSV)

  • Report, (run a report based on your criteria)

  • Batch, (execute a batch operation on your set of records)

  • Edit Search, (to change the search criteria)

  • Delete Search. (does not delete games/people/teams)

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