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Availability with Multiple Organizations
Availability with Multiple Organizations
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As an official, when you provide your availability in Assignr, your availability information is shown to all organizations you work with. Assignors can see when you are scheduled to work a game with another organization, although they will not be able to see anything other than the date and time of the game.

There are circumstances when you might want to provide different availability for each organization. For example, you might make yourself available every day for one league, but only available on Saturdays for a different league.

This feature can be enabled for any official who has an account associated with more than one organization.

Your account can be configured in one of two ways:

  • Shared Availability: All organizations see the same availability. Assignors can see when you have been assigned to a game with another organization, but cannot see the details of the game. This is the default setting for all accounts.

  • Separate Availability: Each organization will see the availability you provide to them. Assignors cannot see when you are assigned to a game with another organization.

Enable Separate Availability

To enable separate availability for each organization you work with:

  • Navigate to your Availability page using the Availability menu option (or Availability β†’ My Availability)

  • Next to Availability for All Organizations, click Change


You'll be prompted to confirm the change. To switch, click the Switch to Separate Availability button.


Once you switch to Separate Availability, it may take a few minutes for the system to reflect the change. You might need to refresh the page to see your availability re-appear.

The availability page now shows your availability for the current organization.


To switch to another organization, you can use the profile menu:

  • click your name, upper right corner of the screen, then

  • choose the site name, or click Others...

You can also switch from the Availability page:

  • click Change, then

  • click the name of the organization


You can also switch back to Shared Availability by using the button on this screen. When you switch from Separate Availability to Shared Availability, Assignr will merge the availability for each organization into a single profile, so you may want to ensure your availability is correct after switching back to Shared Availability

Multiple Accounts

If you are logging into Assignr with multiple accounts to manage your availability, and would like to have your accounts merged to use this new functionality, please contact support and we'd be happy to assist you.

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