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How to Export Officials from Game Officials
How to Export Officials from Game Officials
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With Game Officials shutting down, we have a number of organizations looking for guidance on how to export their list of officials and import them into Assignr.

Export Officials to a Spreadsheet

  • Navigate to the Main Menu, then choose the Reports option.

  • In the Directories box, choose Officials.

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View the Directory of Officials

Once you are on the Directory of Officials page, select Get Report. The default selections for Official Association, Report Format, and others can be kept as-is.

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Export to Excel

Once you see your list of officials on-screen, use the Excel button to export your list to a spreadsheet.


Save Spreadsheet in CSV format

To import your officials into Assignr, you will need to save the spreadsheet in a CSV format. Here's how to do that:

  • Open the file in Excel (or another spreadsheet program)

  • Use the File : Save As menu command

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In the box labeled File Format, choose the CSV UTF-8 option.


In the Save As: box, choose a new filename, then select the Save button.

The file you created can now be used with the Assignr import process to add your officials, along with their contact information, into your Assignr site.

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