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Migrating to our New Game Reports System
Migrating to our New Game Reports System

Here's a few things you should know if you are an existing Assignr customer and have used our old game reporting functionality.

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Our new game reporting system is a substantial change from what we have offered in the past.

Steps to Take After Migration

The Assignr team will automatically migrate your existing game reports over to the new reporting system.

Once the migration to our new game reporting system is complete, you will receive an email letting you know that the new system is accessible and available to you and your officials. Any previously entered game reports will be automatically moved into the new system. Your historical game reports will be in a similar format as to what they were previously.

Going forward, we strongly recommend that you switch to a different game report template, as the previous game reporting system only collected minimal information regarding the score, misconduct, and whether the officials assigned showed up for the game.

Assignr currently offers several standard game report layouts:

  • Soccer Game Report. Includes input fields for cautions and send-offs, where officials can indicate specific offenses

  • Standard Game Report. Similar to the Soccer Game Report, but is more generic and applicable to a variety of sports.

  • Umpire Ejection Report. Used in baseball or softball for reporting ejections.

  • Volleyball Game Report. Includes score fields for each set.

To switch to the new layout:

  • Use the Forms β†’ All Form Templates menu

  • You will see a single template, called Legacy Game Report, listed, along with the reports we migrated into the new system.

  • Use the arrow menu to the right of the Submit a Report button, and choose Apply a Standard Template

You will be presented with our list of standard templates. Choose one to preview the layout:

You will then be able to view the layout for the template you chose. You don't need to make changes during this step, as you can always modify this report template later.

To overwrite the legacy report template with one of our new templates, use the Save button.

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