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Game Reports - Administrator Overview
Game Reports - Administrator Overview

This article provides an overview for assignors on how our Game Reports functionality works.

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Our game reporting system utilizes a form builder system, which allows you to customize what kinds of information you collect from your officials. Assignr comes with several pre-built report templates that you can use.

Additionally, our form builder system allows you an unprecedented level of flexibility for asking additional questions on each game report.

Game Reports are Fully Customizable. You can fully customize the game reports your officials provide. If you want to collect additional information that isn't in a standard game report, you can easily add new fields and require officials to answer specific questions on their game reports. You can modify your game report template by adding text fields, check boxes, drop-down select boxes, or even allow file uploads for rosters or other documentation. Each field you add to your game report is individually customizable, so you can make certain fields required, while other fields can be optional.

Multiple Templates. Most organizations will only need one specific game report template to handle all of their needs. However, others may have more than one kind of game report. For example, maybe you have one report that is filled out for each game, but another type of report that is submitted separately for evaluating coach or fan behavior, or for major incidents.

Cross-Platform Compatible. Our game reporting system is accessible to your officials from both the Assignr website and the mobile app. You can create a form template once, and this template will be usable from a desktop computer, laptop, mobile browser, or our mobile app.

Email Notifications. Our new game reporting system allows you to send email notifications after a report is submitted. Each email contains the details of the report, along with a PDF version of the submitted report. If your report is configured to accept file uploads (such as images of rosters or scoresheets), these files will be attached to the email as well. Email notifications can be sent to any email address, so you can send copies to a league contact without providing them with an Assignr account. Notifications can also be league-specific, so you can ensure the correct person receives each report.

Administering Game Report Templates

All report templates can be managed from the Forms โ†’ All Form Templates menu.

From this page, you can edit a template, or add a new template. You can also export your template in a special format that allows it to be shared with other Assignr customers.

Each template has a menu that allows you to:

  • Submit a Report: Submit a new report for the given template.

  • Edit Template: make changes to the template format.

  • Edit Notifications: add and remove email notifications.

  • Export Template to JSON: this will export your template format in a format that can be shared with other Assignr customers.

  • Apply a Standard Template: replace the template with one of our standard templates.

You can also get started by creating a new template based on one of our standard templates.

Editing Templates

Our form builder system for game reports allows you to create your own game report template, or modify an existing standard template by using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

On the left side of the page, you will see the different controls that can be added to your form. If you need to add a text field, checkbox, set of radio buttons, or a select list, you can drag-and drop these elements into your report.

If you would like to collect file uploads as a part of each report, you can do that as well by using the Upload File control.

The Advanced section of controls allows you to collect specific kinds of information, such as a date, an address, a date and time.

The Layout section of the controls provides tools you can use to help organize the report format into one that is visually easy to use. For example, you can use the Panel component to create a section with a heading, or you can use the Columns control to put your fields into columns on the page.

The Data section allows you to set up repeating sections within a form. For example, if you need to collect details on goals scored, yellow or red cards issued, you can use the Data Grid section to allow the input of these items with multiple controls per goal or card.

The Game Report section should be used whenever you want Assignr to fill in the specific details of the game. In this section, you will find controls for nearly all game fields that would be included in a game report, such as the game date and time, venue, league, age group, gender, etc. These fields should be used in place of the fields in the Basic section when you are building out a game report.

Detailed information on how to build forms, as well as the controls available can be found here:

Game Report Notifications

By default, email notifications are not sent unless the recipient's email address is added to a specific game report template.

To send an email when a report is submitted:

  • On the Form Templates page, find the template, and choose Edit Notifications on the arrow menu.

  • Select the Add a Notification button

  • Provide an email address, and choose one or more leagues to receive the notification. If no leagues are chosen, the given email address will receive an email of every report submitted.

  • Click the Save button

Our email notifications for each game report will include a PDF version of the game report attached to the email. Additionally, if you use the Upload File control so that the official can upload images or files with the report, these files will also be attached to the email as well.

Exporting Report Data

You can export submitted game reports as a spreadsheet from the Reports screen. We provide two report formats:

  • Game Reports (All Detail): this report will contain the information submitted for all data fields in your report.

  • Game Reports (Misconduct Detail): this report will contain the basic information submitted with each game, along with any reported misconduct / yellow cards / red cards as repeating rows. As an example, a game with no misconduct or one misconduct record will appear on one row. A game with multiple misconduct records will appear as multiple rows, one row per card or misconduct record.

Customer Support for Building Report Templates

We are pleased to offer two levels of support for modifying your game report templates.


Our form builder is easy enough that most people with a little bit of technical knowledge can make changes to existing report templates to meet their needs. Our form builder system offers extensive documentation on how each component works, you can access the documentation for additional information.

If you have questions on how to modify a report template, feel free to contact our support team, and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Developer Assisted

For groups that have very specific needs, or are looking to have a specific game report format replicated in our system, we offer developer assistance for building a game report to your specifications.

If your game reporting needs fall outside of our Do-It-Yourself support model, our team will let you know, and provide you with the option to engage our development team to build out your report template. For the vast majority of use cases, we charge a one-time USD $99 fee to engage with a developer to assist with complex layout or report requirements. If your needs exceed what we are able to accomplish within the $99 fee we charge, we will let you know and provide a fixed-price quote prior to starting our work.

You won't ever get a surprise bill for our services... our work is always fixed-price, and agreed upon in advance of any work that is completed.

If you aren't sure which approach is best, just contact our team and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.


Our new game reporting system is available for organizations on the League, Elite, Enterprise, or per-game plan. Customers on the Recreational plan will need to upgrade to a higher plan in order to use this system.

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