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When your assignor has assigned you to a game, you'll get an email asking you to log into the website to accept or decline the game. Just click the link in the email, or visit and login with your user name and password.

The "Home" screen will display a list of your upcoming assignments that occur in the next 4-5 weeks. To view a list of all upcoming games, click the Games menu item. The Games menu will show:

  • My Games: a list of the games assigned to you

  • My Unconfirmed Games: a list of games that you need to either accept or decline

  • All Unassigned Games: a list of all games that have not yet been assigned for your organization.

  • All Games: a list of all games for your organization.


The All Unassigned Games and All Games menu items are not always visible, depending on your organization's preferences.

To Accept or Decline a Game

  • click the Games menu

  • click the Unconfirmed Games menu item

  • click the Accept Game or Decline Game button for each game.


Rules and Assumptions makes a number of assumptions about accepting and declining a game, to ensure effective communication between a referee and an assignor. These assumptions include:

  • Declining a Game. If you decline a game, it will remain assigned to you until your assignor removes it from your game schedule.

  • Availability and Declining a Game. If you decline a game on a day that you have marked yourself as available, your availability for that day will be removed. will tell you immediately if this happens. When it does, just click the Availability tab and re-enter your availability for that day.

  • Changing an Accept or Decline. If you change your mind and need to change your response, just click the Accept or Decline button. You will not be able to decline a game within 36 hours of the start time of a game. If you need to decline a game at the last minute, you will need to contact your assignor directly. Your assignor can also change this 36 hour period to something shorter or longer, so keep this in mind if you don't see a Decline button within a few days of the game.

  • Rescheduling and Re-Confirming a Game. If your assignor reschedules or moves a game (e.g. the date/time/venue changes), you will be informed via email and will be asked to re-confirm your assignment. Even if you have already accepted a game, you will need to re-accept the game as a way to confirm that you received the message and can still work the game.

  • Other Game Changes. If other game attributes change (such as game type, teams, age group), you will be notified via email but you won't need to re-confirm the game.

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