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If your assignor chooses to enable Game Reports, you may need to submit a game report after working a game.

To view a list of games that may need a report, click the Game Reports menu item.

You can submit a report by clicking the New Report button on a specific game, or just click the Submit a Report button at the top of the page. The Game Reports screen will show you a list of recent games that you have worked.


Submit a Report

  • Enter the score for each team.

  • If the game requires a narrative or comments, enter your comments in the box.

  • If there was player misconduct, check the Has Misconduct box.

In the Officials section, a list of the assigned officials will be shown.

  • If an official did not show up for the game, change the assigned official's name to No Show.

  • If a different official worked a position, change the assigned official's name for the position.

Once your report is complete, click Save Report at the bottom of the page.

If you have multiple games without a game report, you may be asked to complete the next report in the list once you click the Save button.

Tutorial Video

Here's a short video that shows how to submit a game report.

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