Approving Games for Payment
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In order for a game to be paid, the game must be assigned to a payor and approved by an assignor. Our approval process ensures that an assignor has verified that the payor and the assigned official are correct, and the amount to be paid is accurate.

An assignor will use the Approve Games page to correct known issues with the games prior to payment, such as a no-show, a last minute substitution, or a one-off game fee adjustment. This works the most efficiently when the game fees are configured prior to approving games.

The approval screen consolidates game payment information into a single statement per official. Once each statement is created, the statements are tracked separately from the game. Each statement is marked as "paid" once the official has been paid.

To navigate to the Approve Games page, use the Financials : Approve Games menu item.


Find Games to Approve

At the top of the page, enter a range of dates for games to be approved, then click Search. You can also enter additional criteria, if you need to be more specific.


Assignr will display a list of games that match the criteria you specified.


The payor, official, or game fee can be changed by clicking their respective entry on the page. Any changes made on this page will also be changed on the game itself.


Excluding Games from Approval

In most cases, you will be approving all games over a range of dates. There may be circumstances where you may want to hold off approving a particular game or a specific officiating assignment. An example of this would be when an official does not show up for a game, and you are not sure whether a substitute official filled in or not.

The check boxes on the right side of the page will allow you to exclude a game from approval. You can un-check a specific assignment, or un-check an entire game.


Games Without a Payor

Each game should have a payor assigned, as this is how Assignr determines who is responsible for paying the officials. If the payor was not set at the time that the game was added to Assignr, you can assign a payor using the approval screen.

Games without a payor will be noted:


You can set the payor by clicking the No Payor Set link for a specific game.

You can also set all games to a specific payor by using the Paid By: Change all to... link at the top of the games list:


Approved Amounts

At the bottom of the page is a summary that shows the total number of games, the total number of assignments, as well as the amounts that are set to be approved.

The No Payor Specified line shows the counts and fees associated with games that have no payor assigned. These games will not be marked as approved, and can't be paid unless a payor is set.


The approval screen has two options for approving games and creating statements:

  • Add fees to an existing unpaid statement if possible: this will create a new statement if there isn't an existing unpaid statement already. This allows an assignor to approve games multiple times between pay periods, and all of the payment information will be consolidated into one statement. This is the default option.

  • Always create a new statement for each official: this will create a new statement for each official, regardless if an unpaid statement already exists. You may want to do this if you have set pay periods, so that any unpaid statements from the previous period will be kept separate.

To approve the games, click the Approve Payments button.

Statements Processing

Once games have been approved, it may take a minute or so for Assignr to create the statements that can be paid. If you navigate to any page that shows the current balance due, you may see an indicator on-screen if Assignr is still working to build the statements to be paid.


Changes to Assignments After Approval

Assignr will keep track of which assignments have been approved, and will prevent an assignment from being paid more than once.

If an assigned official is changed after a game has been approved for payment, there are a couple of things that need to happen:

  • For the newly assigned official to be paid, the game will need to be re-approved. If there are other positions that have already been approved, you will only need to approve the position that was changed.

  • The assignor or a paying administrator should manually adjust the statement of the previously assigned official. If the previously assigned official is no longer to be paid for this game, the assignor will need to make this change by editing the statement for this official, and removing this payment.

The assignment screen will display a warning that looks like this:


On the Game Edit screen, Assignr also displays a warning:


Frequently Asked Questions about Approving Games

1. I accidentally approved a game with the wrong payor/game fees/etc. How do I undo this?

If a statement hasn’t been paid yet, you can just delete the statement that was created under the incorrect payor, or with the incorrect amount. If you navigate to Statements, and select the statement in question, you'll see a Delete button in the upper right-hand corner.

When a statement is deleted, the games in the statement can be re-approved, and paid under a new payor, with corrected game fees, etc.

If you prefer, you can Edit an unpaid statement, and delete individual line(s) from that statement (rather than deleting the whole statement altogether). This will then allow you to re-approve the games just from those deleted line items.

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