Fees for Using Direct Deposit
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Each payor purchases an annual subscription for payment processing. This subscription includes an annual fee for service, and typically includes a set volume and/or a certain number of transactions for a period of one year. The annual fee is paid up front, and is paid by the payor prior to making the first payment to officials.

For payments processed beyond the processing limits purchased, a per transaction fee or a percentage fee may be assessed, depending on the plan purchased. Transaction fees are paid at the time of the transaction, and the fee (if assessed) is disclosed prior to payment being authorized.

A transaction is counted when a payment is made to one official. As an example, a single batch payment that pays 25 different officials would count as 25 transactions.

Our current pricing can be found on the Assignr website.

The fees charged and the subscription status for your organization can be found by accessing the main page for the payor.


You can also see the fees charged in total by accessing the Settings : Ledger Accounts menu item. Transaction fees that are charged will appear on this screen.

Fees Charged for Failed Transactions



Insufficient Funds


Stopped Payment / Unauthorized Transaction


Negative Account Balance


Insufficient Funds: when a transfer is declined because the paying organization's bank account does not have sufficient funds to cover the withdrawal.

Stopped Payment / Unauthorized Transaction: occurs when a transfer is declined because a bank account owner stopped payment or reported a transfer as "unauthorized"

Negative Account Balance: occurs when a transfer is declined after officials have been paid.

In all cases, assignr.com retains any processing fees for each payment, regardless of whether the payment was successful or not.

Each payor is responsible for all payment activity initiated through our platform, including, without limitation, any fraudulent activity. If there are reversals of any payments initiated through assignr.com, then it is payor's responsibility to make assignr.com whole for the full amounts of any losses from such reversals. The payor's funding source will be automatically debited for the aggregate amount owed due to any reversal. In the event there are reversals, assignr.com reserves the right, in its discretion, to terminate service and/or take legal action.

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