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Pay Officials
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Once games have been approved for payment, the next step is to pay officials. To pay officials, navigate to the Statements page. There are several ways to get to this page.

Assignors will use the Financials : View Payors menu, then click the name of the payor you are working with.

Individuals without assignor access will use the Financials menu to navigate to their payor page for your organization.


Next, use any of the following links:

  • the Statements menu,

  • Direct Deposit : Pay Officials,

  • View All Unpaid, or

  • the button indicating the amount owed to officials.


Depending on the menu item you chose, you will either see a list of all statements, or a list of statements that are unpaid.


To pay specific officials, check the box next to each official's name, then click Pay Selected...

To pay all officials, click the Pay All... button.

The officials to be paid will be shown.


If an official has not setup their bank account, this will be noted on the right side of the screen. Also, if an official does not have a W9 on file, this will be shown as well.

Next, you'll choose the account to pay officials from. You will have the option of paying directly from your bank account, or from your Dwolla Balance if you have transferred money from your bank account.


If everything looks OK, click Next: Review...


You'll be given one last opportunity to review and approve the payment. This will show the officials to be paid, the total to be transferred, and the fees (if any) associated with this transaction.

To approve the transaction, check the authorization box, and click Transfer Now.

Once this happens, will initiate a withdrawal from the account that you chose, and your officials will see a deposit in 5 business days. You and your officials will receive an email confirmation once the transfer is initiated, and another once the transfer has been completed.

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