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Hiring Employees
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Once you have added a Job, the next step to paying hourly employees is to hire them.

An employee must have an account in order to be hired as an hourly employee. If they do not have an account, you can create an account for the individual on the People page.

To hire an employee:

  • Navigate to the Payor page for your organization. You can view all Payors from the Financials β†’ View Payors page, or click the name of your organization on the Financials menu.

  • Use the Hourly β†’ Work Assignments menu option.

  • Select Hire an Employee

  • Choose a Job, an Employee, and an Expense Account. You will also indicate the individual's hourly Rate. You can also provide the individual's Start Date.


Once you have hired one or more employees, you can add timesheets for employees.

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