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Approving Timesheets for Payment
Approving Timesheets for Payment
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Once a Timesheet has been added, and you are ready to pay your employees, it is time to approve all Timesheets for payment. The Timesheet approval process will finalize the hours worked and dollars earned, and will create a Statement that can be paid.

To approve Timesheets:

  • Navigate to the Payor page for your organization. You can view all Payors from the Financials β†’ View Payors page, or click the name of your organization on the Financials menu.

  • Use the Hourly β†’ Timesheets menu option.


The Timesheets page will show you a list of all of your Timesheets.


To approve all Timesheets, use the Approve All Outstanding... option.

You can also select individual Timesheets for approval by selecting the check box next to the Timesheet(s), then choose Approve Selected...

You will then see a list of all selected Timesheets for approval. If all looks good, select the Approve All button.


Once the Timesheets have been approved, the system will create a Statement for each employee to be paid. The amounts from the Timesheet will be transferred to the Statement, which is used to track amounts owed to each official or hourly employee.

You can view all Statements from the Payor page by choosing the Statements menu option.

An example of a statement is shown below:


Statements can be paid by Direct Deposit, Manual Entry, or by mailed check, depending on the features available to your organization.

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