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Once you have hired an employee, you can track time worked and amounts due using a Timesheet.

Each timesheet should represent whatever your typical pay period would be. For example, if you pay bi-weekly, you should add all hours for the given two week period on one timesheet. For tracking purposes, we recommend that one Timesheet be created for each individual who worked during each pay period.

To add a Timesheet:

  • Navigate to the Payor page for your organization. You can view all Payors from the Financials β†’ View Payors page, or click the name of your organization on the Financials menu.

  • Use the Hourly β†’ Timesheets menu option.

  • From the Timesheets menu, choose Add Timesheet

  • On the Timesheet, you will choose the Work Assignment (e.g. the employee name and their job title) and add hours worked for the employee. You can add multiple entries for a given timesheet by choosing Add More Hours.

  • Once you have entered all hours for the individual, choose Create Timesheet.


A Timesheet can be changed at any point prior to you being ready to pay the employee. If you have a bi-weekly or monthly pay period, you can add hours on a weekly basis, and then approve a single Timesheet that covers all hours worked during the pay period.

Entering Multiple Timesheets

You can also create Timesheets from the Work Assignments page. This page can be found using the Hourly β†’ Work Assignments menu option.

This page will show you a list of all of the employees you have hired, along with the most recent timesheet that has been entered for each person. Just use the New Timesheet link for each person to enter their time.


The next step to paying your hourly employees is to approve the timesheet for payment.

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