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You can track multiple kinds of registration per official. For example, your association might have annual dues, a national registration status, and might charge a $25 uniform fee. Each of these are a registration type, and are setup separately in the module.

Add a New Registration Type

To get started with the Registration Module, you will need to add your first registration type.

Click Registration, then click Configuration:


Once you are on the configuration screen, click Add a New Registration Type


In the Name box, enter the name of this registration type.

The Registration Period determines how long a registration is valid for, and has three options:

  • Never Expires: this registration type is entered into the system once, and doesn't ever need to be renewed or re-entered

  • Specific Dates: this will record an official's registration as valid during the dates entered into the Start Date and End Date boxes. For example, if an official's national registration is always valid between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019, regardless of the day they register for the current year, then you would use this option.

  • Specific Duration: this will record an official's registration as valid for a specific time period from the date of registration. For example, if an official's local association dues are valid for 12 months from the date they paid, then you would use this option.


Registration Fee determines whether a fee is to be paid, and also whether the official can pay for their registration online with a credit card.

  • None: no fee is collected or tracked

  • Manually Collected: a fee is collected, but must be entered into manually by an assignor

  • Accept Credit Card Online: the official can register and pay online with their credit card.

When a credit card is accepted online, charges a convenience fee for each credit card transaction. This fee can be charged to the official at the time of the registration, or can be deducted from the amount deposited into your bank account. No fees are charged for manually entered registrations.


Several other options:

  • Required for Assignment: If checked, then each official must have an active registration of this type before being assigned to a game. If an official is not registered, you will see a U conflict next to their name.

  • Official Can Self-Register: If checked, the official can register themselves by logging into and clicking Register Now next to this registration type. If un-checked, an assignor must enter this registration manually on behalf of the official. If a credit card is accepted online, the Official Can Self-Register box is automatically checked.

Once these options are selected, click Next: Add Custom Fields

Add Custom Fields

For each registration collected, automatically collects the official's name, date of registration, and any amounts paid. If you want to collect additional information at the time of registration, you will need to add a custom field.


For each custom field you want to add, click Add a New Field


You can specify what kind of field you want (short text, long text, number, date, select list (e.g. a drop-down list), or a checkbox), and whether it is required or not.

Once you have added fields, you can re-order them using the up and down arrows next to each field.


Enabling Registration

Once a registration type has been created, it is available for officials to register themselves. You can disable a specific registration type by clicking the Edit button...


... un-check the Active box, then click Update.

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