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Adding a Registration
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As an assignor, you will be able to add or change registration records on behalf of any official on your site.

There are two different places where you can add or modify a registration record:

  • From an official's profile screen, or

  • From the Registration : All Registrations menu

From any official's profile screen, click New Registration


If you are on the All Registrations screen, click New Registration and choose a registration type


This will take you to the registration screen, where you can fill out the information on this registration.


If payment is required, you can enter the payment amount and date manually. You will not be able to enter an official's credit card number on their behalf, they will need to login and register themselves. with their own credit card number.


All of the Save buttons will save the record and take you to a different screen:

  • Save: save and take you back to the screen you started from.

  • Save and Add Another [registration type]: This will allow you to save and add another registration of the same type as before.

  • Save and Add Another for Official: This will allow you to save and add different registration for the same official.

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