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Maps & Driving Directions
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If you want to provide maps and driving directions for your referees, you will need to specify a location for each venue. uses Google Maps to display a location for each venue, which can also be used to generate driving directions.

To set up a location for a venue:

  • Click the Maintenance menu item.

  • Click the Venues menu item.

  • If you are working with an existing venue, find the venue in the list and click the Edit link.

  • If you are adding a new venue, click the Add New Venue link.

  • Type as much of the venue's address as you know. If you don't know the address, you can type a city and state.

  • will attempt to locate your venue on the map. You can use your mouse to drag-and-drop the marker to the exact location of your venue

  • Click Update.

Once a location has been set for a venue, the location will be visible in:

  • Any of the Games lists for referees, assignors, or observers. Just click the venue name to view the map.

  • Game email notifications. A small Google map will be shown in the outbound email notifications.

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