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For customers on the LeagueApps platform, use our integration to automatically sync your game schedule with Assignr.

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The Assignr integration with LeagueApps allows you to make changes to games on the LeagueApps platform, and have these changes automatically reflected in the game schedule as seen on Assignr.

The LeagueApps integration can be enabled by contacting our support team. You must be on the League, Elite, Enterprise or a per-game plan to use this feature. This functionality is not available on the Recreational plan.

Create a LeagueApps Client ID and API Key

You will need to generate a Public API Key from the LeagueApps website. The API Key allows Assignr to retrieve your game schedule from their system. The API Key is an alpha-numeric string.

You will also need to retrieve your LeagueApps Site ID. The Site ID is a number.

Information on how to obtain these items can be found on the LeagueApps website.

Select a Default Pattern

Once you have your API Key and Site ID, the next step is to configure the Default Patterns for new games.

The LeagueApps platform does not have a way to determine the correct Pattern (the number and types of officials) for each game, so you will need to configure this in Assignr prior to enabling the feed.

From the Account page, choose the API Integration โ†’ Set the Default Pattern for New Games menu (or use this direct link)

On the Default Patterns page, you will need to minimally specify the default pattern (the number and type(s) of officials for a game) for new games. If you have other Age Groups already configured, you can also specify the correct pattern for each of these Age Groups as well.

Configure the Data Feed

Once you have configured the default pattern, you will now add the information that Assignr uses to connect to LeagueApps.

  • Navigate to the Data Feeds page, which can be found on the Account page.

  • Use the New Feed button.

  • Provide a name for this feed (like "Soccer Feed").

  • Provide your API Client ID (this is the numeric LeagueApps Site ID you retrieved earlier) and API Secret (the API key) in the fields provided.

  • Select Next: Configure Feed.

Once you have provided a Client ID and Secret, you should see a list of sports and programs as provided via LeagueApps.

In the Sports section, choose at least one sport, and use the Save Changes button to save your changes.

Once you have chosen the sport(s) and provided the Client ID and API Secret, you will be taken back to the Feeds page.

The Data Feeds page should show your feed, and will indicate when it was last retrieved, and when it is next scheduled to be retrieved. You can use the Sync Now button to initiate a new retrieval, or you can wait until the next scheduled retrieval to retrieve your game schedule from LeagueApps.

The feed will run automatically without your intervention, and retrieves your game schedule every 10-15 minutes.

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