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How to Add an Official Individually
How to Add an Official Individually
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There are two ways to add officials to your site:

  1. In Bulk. By importing officials from a CSV (Excel) spreadsheet.

  2. One at a time. By adding officials one-at-a-time from the People screen.

To learn how to add officials in bulk via a spreadsheet, follow the steps in this article.

To add an official to your site (one at a time), follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Select the People screen.

3. Select + Add New Person.

4. Enter the official's first and last name.

5. Enter the official's email address.

Note: each account can have multiple email addresses.

Any emails sent to an official by the system will go to all listed email addresses.

While an email address is not technically required, an official without an email address will not be able to log in.

6. Decide if/how you want the official to receive their login credentials.

The Send New Account Email Immediately box defaults to being checked.


This will trigger an email with instructions for your official to login once you save their profile. You're welcome to uncheck this if you prefer to send out login instructions at a later time.

Note: when a new account is created via a spreadsheet import, the official will not automatically receive a new account email.

If your official doesn't automatically receive a new account email, then once you add someone to the system, you can use the Send New Account Email link in their Profile to push out a new account email to them.


If you have multiple people who have never logged in, you can send invites out in bulk by using the Send New Account Emails... link, which can be found at the top of the People page.


7. Optional: enter information in the remaining on-screen fields.

You'll see that there are options on the screen to enter other types of information, like address, IDs, and Assignment Limits. You're welcome to fill those out if it would be useful for your particular use case. If you're interested in using any of these fields, check out this article for more in-depth information on how to do that.

Otherwise, move onto step 8. πŸ‘‡

8. Set the official's Permissions.

Your user accounts can have any of the five privileges:

Referee. Referees, also known as officials, can view their own assignments.

Assignor. An Assignor has access to view and modify all information in the system.

Observer. An Observer has read-only privileges to all areas of your site. If you have a coach, athletic director, or school administrator that needs to view the information in your system, they should be granted the Observer role. By default, they do not have access to view personal details on your officials, but you can configure this so that they can view public details, or view all details for your officials.

Manager. A Manager has read-only privileges to view games and assigned officials. This permission is usually assigned to a coach, athletic director, or other personnel who only need to view the games they are affiliated with. When you check the Is a Manager? checkbox, you can also enter the person's Title / Position so that it is obvious who they are when you view their profile in the system.

Each Manager is assigned one or more age groups, venues, teams, genders, game types, or leagues, which you can assign once you click the Update button.

Note: This feature requires that your organization be on the Elite plan. To upgrade to the Elite plan, you can use the Upgrade page.

Account Owner. The account owner has the capability to change the method of payment. This cannot be changed from the Add Person screen. Please contact support to change site ownership.

If you want to grant an official the assignor privilege, check the Is an Assignor? checkbox. By default, any new users added to the site will be granted the referee privilege.

9. Select Save.

And there you have it! Let us know if you have questions on any of this by emailing us at [email protected]. πŸ‘

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