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Batch Update of Games with a Spreadsheet
Batch Update of Games with a Spreadsheet

Have a lot of changes to make? If you have a spreadsheet with a Game ID, you can update your games by uploading a spreadsheet of changes.

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If you want to make a lot of changes to your games, you may want to use our process to update games using a spreadsheet. The general process will be:

  • Download a spreadsheet from

  • Remove games that will not be changed

  • Edit your game data in the spreadsheet

  • Upload the spreadsheet back into

Step By Step Instructions

  • Use the Games : All Games menu item.

  • At the bottom of the page, click Download : Games as CSV


Open the spreadsheet in Excel or another spreadsheet program. Using your spreadsheet program:

  • Remove any games (rows) from the spreadsheet that are not changing. You do not need to upload the entire spreadsheet if only a few games will be changing.

  • Make whatever changes you need to the games in the spreadsheet.

  • Make sure that the Assignr Database ID column remains in the spreadsheet and is not changed, as this column is used by to make updates.

  • (Optional) Remove any columns that are not changing. For example, if you are only changing date, time, and venue, you can remove columns such as age group, game type, league, etc.

Minimally, your spreadsheet might look something like this, assuming that you are only changing dates, times, venues, or age groups:


Once you have made the changes in the spreadsheet:

  • Save the spreadsheet with a new name

  • Use the Games : All Games menu item

  • Click Import a Spreadsheet

  • Locate and select the updated spreadsheet file

  • Click Submit

On the next screen, you'll need to ensure that Assignr has selected the correct field for each column.

For columns that will not be changed in, choose the (skip this column) option. This will ensure that this particular field is not updated for any of your games.

Locate the column labeled Assignr Database ID:

For the assignr Database ID column, ensure that you choose Assignr Database ID (for update). This tells that your spreadsheet is an update of existing games, rather than an import of new games.

Here's what this screen would look like, assuming that no changes will be made to Age Group:


Click Submit will update the existing games in the system.

Have a question on how this process works? Contact us, and we'd be happy to walk you through the process.

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