Adding a Bank Account
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Once you have created your payment account and provided the requested information, your next step will be to add a bank account.

This screen is accessible from the Direct Deposit menu:


There are two ways to verify your account: Instant Account Verification and Micro Deposit Verification.

From the Bank Account screen, select the verification option you would like to use:


If your bank is not found, or if you don't want to provide a bank username/password, you'll verify your account by using the Micro Deposit Verification process.

Micro Deposit Verification

The Micro Deposit Verification takes 1-3 business days, and does not require you to provide bank credentials. We deposit two small amounts into your account, and we will send you an email once the amounts have been successfully deposited. These amounts will be entered into to complete the verification process.

You'll be asked for your bank routing number and account number:


Once entered, you'll return to the website once you receive notification that the micro deposit amounts have been added to your account. You will see that your bank account status will have a Verify Now link next to it.


Your account verification process is completed by using the Verify Now link, and entering the two deposit amounts.


Instant Account Verification

The Instant Account Verification option will verify your account immediately, and requires you to provide your bank username and password, the same credentials you would use to access your bank's website.

To move forward with Instant Account Verification, follow these steps:

1. Select Use Instant Account Verification on the Add Bank Account screen.

2. Type a name for your bank account, then select Next: Verify Account.


3. Follow the on-screen prompts, and select Continue when you're ready.

4. Select your bank institution.

5. Type in the Username and Password for your bank account. (This should be the same login information you'd use to log into your bank's website).

6. Select Submit.

7. Select which account you'd like to use, then select Continue.

8. When you're finished, you'll be brought to a page that looks like this, where you can select Continue.


Debit Block / ACH Filters

If your bank account has Debit Block or ACH Filters enabled, you will need to login to your bank's website and configure the account to allow debits and credits from Assignr.

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