Adding 1099 Adjustments

Need to add amounts to an official's 1099 that were not paid via Assignr? You're in the right place.

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Our 1099-NEC process automatically includes all amounts paid via Assignr. For groups that used another payment platform at any point during the year, you will likely want your officials to be issued a 1099-NEC form inclusive of all amounts paid to them.

This process will need to be followed before you approve 1099 amounts for your organization.

The general process is:

  • for each official needing an adjustment, add a new Statement

  • once all Statements are entered, use the Pay by Manual Entry option to mark these statements as paid outside of Assignr

Add Statements

To start, you will navigate to your Payor page. If your organization has multiple payors, you may need to go to the Financials → All Payors page to find your specific payor. Otherwise, you should find the name of your payor in the Financials menu.

Once you are on the payor page, click the Statements menu.

Once you are on the Statements page, you'll create a Statement for each official who needs an adjustment.

For each official...

  • Click New Statement

  • Choose the name of the official from the Pay To list.

  • In the Statement Date box, choose a consistent date for all 1099-NEC adjustments... we recommend a date like January 1 so they are easy to distinguish between all other payments. This date should be in the correct tax year (e.g. for a 2023 1099 issued in January 2024, this should be January 1, 2023).

  • Add a Description, such as "1099 Adjustments"

  • In the Statement Details section, add a Description and an Amount. We recommend adding one amount that summarizes ALL payments made to this official outside of the Assignr platform, rather than individual amounts for each payment (work smarter, not harder 🤣).

Once the details for an official have been added, use the Save and Add Another button to add another statement for the next official.

Mark All Adjustment Statements as Paid

Once you have entered all adjustments, navigate back to the Statements page.

Use the Find Statements panel to find all statements matching the date you chose for your adjustments (e.g. January 1). You will want to search by Start and End Date, and possibly also use a Status of Unpaid. The page should look like this:

To pay only the selected statements:

  • select the checkbox located to the left of the Date column. This will select all statements visible on-screen.

  • If you have many statements, you might need to scroll to the bottom of the page to get them all to appear on screen at once.

  • On the Pay Selected... box, select the arrow to the right, and choose Manual Entry

Once you are on the Manual Entry page:

  • change the Effective Date of the payment to January 1 of the tax year, so that it matches the date(s) of statements you have already posted for this correction.

  • choose a Post to Account (you might not need to if you only have one bank account in Assignr)

  • Click Post Checks

Once these manual payments have been posted, you should see the correct amounts listed on the 1099 approval page.

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