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assignr.com's video feature allows you to post and share videos among your officials, assignors and coaches.


Using the video feature, assignors can:

  • post videos into the Video Library for all of their officials to view.

  • post a video and enable a You Make the Call multiple choice survey. Results are compiled for your organization, enabling the assignor to see how their group would call a particular play

Officials can:

  • view videos posted in the Video Library

  • participate in public discussion on videos posted by an assignor

  • share a video with your officiating crew or assignor

  • respond to You Make the Call surveys associated with any video in the Video Library

Interacting with Uploaded Videos

Officials, coaches and assignors can interact with video on assignr.com in two different ways:

Option 1: Post a Video into the Video Library. The Video Library page is a page of videos that all of your organization's users can view. Assignors control which videos are available for viewing into the library. They can also enable a multiple choice You Make the Call survey.

Option 2: Send a specific video to one or more people. If you have a video clip from a specific game that is being shared with the officiating crew, you can use the Share button next to any video to send the video to a specific group of people. Coaches can use this feature as well to share a video with the assignor, or directly with the officials. When a video is shared, the recipients receive an email, and the video can be viewed on the Video Inbox screen.

Upload a Video

Any video that you have uploaded into assignr.com will initially appear in the My Videos page. Videos on this page are not visible to other people unless they are shared by an assignor to the Video Library.

To upload a new video:

  • click Videos, then click Upload a Video

  • click the Choose Files button, and choose the video file, OR

  • drag-and-drop the video file into the blue box

Once the file has finished uploading, click the Review Uploads button. This will take you to My Videos page.

To change the name or add a description to the video:

  • click Edit

  • change the name

  • add some text in the Description box

  • click Update Video

To share the video with one or more people:

  • click the Share button

  • type the name(s) of the people you want to share the video with

  • enter a subject line and description

  • click Share

  • An email will be sent to all people in the To box. Recipients can click the link in the email to view the video. The video will also appear on their My Video Inbox page.

Assignors: to add the video to the Video Library for all of your organization's users to see:

  • click Edit

  • click the Display in Video Library checkbox

  • Optional: you can add a multiple choice survey question by checking the Show "You Make the Call" Survey checkbox

  • click Update Video

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