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Share a Video with Specific Individuals
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Updated over a week ago's video feature allows you to share videos among officials, assignors and coaches.

If you want to share a video with a specific person, officiating crew, assignor, or coach, you will use the Share feature to ensure the video isn't posted for everyone to see. This can be used by anyone with an account to share a video with anyone else, such as:

  • an official shares with an assignor,

  • an assignor shares with an officiating crew,

  • a coach shares with an assignor,

  • an official shares with another official

Videos that are shared with your entire organization should be uploaded and added to the Video Library.

To upload a new video:

  • click Videos, then click Upload a Video

  • click the Choose Files button, and choose the video file, OR

  • drag-and-drop the video file into the blue box

Once the file has finished uploading, click the Review Uploads button. This will take you to My Videos page.

Change the title or description of the video (if needed):

  • next to the video, click the Edit button

  • change the title if needed.

  • type a short description in the description box

  • click Update Video

To share a video:

  • next to the video, click the Share button

  • click the Share button

  • type the name(s) of the people you want to share the video with

  • enter a subject line and description

  • click Share

An email will be sent to all people in the To box. Recipients can access the video by:

  • clicking the link in the email, or

  • navigating to the Video Inbox page.

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