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The Video Library is where assignors can post videos for officials, assignors, and coaches to view.

Each video posted in the Video Library can be configured to allow:

  • no discussion, which might be used if you have a reference video that just needs to be posted without comments

  • public discussion, for videos where you might want to allow officials to comment on what they see in the video

  • individual response, for videos where you are asking a specific question, like "was this a charge or a block? Why do you think" or "should the runner at 2nd base be called out? What rule applies in this situation"

  • a You Make the Call multiple choice survey

Assignors have control over the videos available in the library.

To upload a new video:

  • click Videos, then click Upload a Video

  • click the Choose Files button, and choose the video file, OR

  • drag-and-drop the video file into the blue box

Once the file has finished uploading, click the Review Uploads button. This will take you to My Videos page.

Assignors: to add the video to the Video Library for all of your organization's users to see:

  • next to the video, click Edit

  • click the Display in Video Library checkbox

  • Optional: you can add a multiple choice survey question by checking the Show "You Make the Call" Survey checkbox

  • Optional: you can enable public discussion (comments visible to all) or individual responses (comments only visible to the assignor) by choosing one of these options in the Allow Comments drop-down box.

  • click Update Video

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