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Post a Video with 'You Make The Call' survey
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Updated over a week ago's video feature allows assignors to post a video into the Video Library. Assignors can also ask officials to take a multiple choice You Make the Call survey. The survey results can be viewed by the assignor.

Examples of this might include:

  • Upload a basketball clip of a fast moving block/charge play. Ask your officials "What is your call on this play? a) Block, b) Player Control, c) No call, or d) Technical foul"

  • Upload a soccer clip of a player moving towards goal that is taken down at the top of the penalty area. Ask your officials "What is the proper restart on this play? a) Direct free kick, b) Indirect free kick, c) Penalty Kick, d) Dropped ball"

To upload a new video

  • click Videos, then click Upload a Video

  • click the Choose Files button, and choose the video file, OR

  • drag-and-drop the video file into the blue box

Once the file has finished uploading, click the Review Uploads button. This will take you to My Videos page.

To enable a You Make the Call survey

  • next to the video, click the Edit button

  • change the title if needed. The title will display in the main Video Library page.

  • in the description box, describe what is going on with the video, and type your question into the box. Officials will see the description when they view the video.

  • click the Display in Video Library checkbox

  • check Show "You Make the Call" Survey

  • enter the question in the Question box (like "What is the proper restart on this play?")

  • enter possible answers in the Multiple Choice Answer boxes

  • choose the correct answer in the Correct Answer box

  • if you want to display a message after someone answers the question, type the message in the Answer Text box.

  • click Update Video

To respond to the survey

  • click Videos, then click Video Library

  • next to a video, click the Take the Survey button

  • in the You Make the Call box, choose the answer you believe to be correct

  • click Submit My Answer

Assignors can view the aggregated results for a You Make the Call survey by clicking the video in the Video Library

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