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The assignr.com registration module allows assignors to track your officials' registration information. The module can be configured to track just about anything, including membership in your local officials' association, national registration status, background check status, or anything else that needs to be renewed on a periodic basis.


As an assignor, you can use the registration module to allow officials to register themselves, or you can restrict registration so that only assignors can enter registration details. You can also require that officials be registered in order to be assigned to a game, which some organizations may use for compliance purposes. You can also add custom fields to each registration, so that you are able to collect the information whatever information you need from each official.


Registration via Credit Card


For fee-based registrations, you have the option to enter the fee into assignr.com manually, or allow the official to pay their registration fee on the assignr.com website with their credit card. All credit card transactions use Stripe for credit card processing, and are deposited directly into the bank account of your choice.

assignr.com charges a convenience fee for each registration accepted via credit card. This fee can be charged to the official at the time they register, or it can be deducted from the amount we deposit into your bank account. To view the current fee structure, login to assignr.com and navigate to the configuration page.

The assignr.com registration module can accept payments in USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, HKD, and SGD. If your currency isn't listed here, contact us and ask if it is available.

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