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Understanding Officials' Availability
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How availability works for officials:

Assignr expects that officials will provide their availability to you by indicating the days that they are available to work. The availability calendar defaults to NOT available.

You can learn more about how officials enter their availability through their accounts here.

How availability works for assignors:

Once an official has entered their availability, assignors will be able to view the official's conflicts for a particular game directly within the game-assigning page.

To see if an official has a conflict(s) with a game you're thinking of assigning them to, begin the game-assigning process as you normally would.

If you need a little refresher on how to do that, follow these steps:

  1. Select Games.

  2. Select Unassigned.

  3. Select Assign to the right of whatever game you'd like to assign an official to.

  4. Select the dropdown for the position you'd like to assign an official to.

Once you get to the dropdown, you'll be able to see your officials' names, along with any conflicts they have for this game to the right of their names, by way of conflict codes.

An official who is not able to work due to an availability conflict will have a D next to their name, indicating the official is not available on that (d)ate.

You can learn what each conflict code means by selecting the Conflicts button to the right of the game you're working on:


Can I still assign an official to a game, even if they have a conflict code next to their name?

Yes. We realize there may be times where it makes sense to override a conflict.

Because of this, conflict codes are informative only and are not hard limits within the system. This means you can technically assign officials to games, regardless of any conflicts by their name.

Of course, assuming officials have set their availability up accurately, assignors do usually honor the conflict codes that come up for each individual.

Happy assigning! Let us know if you have any questions on this at [email protected]. πŸ‘

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