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Assignr is a tool used by your organization to manage officiating assignments, communicate with you, and can also be used to pay you as well.

As an official, you'll be using Assignr to:

  • provide your availability to your assignor,

  • accept or decline your assigned games,

  • view or request games that haven't been assigned,

  • provide your banking information for Direct Deposit,

  • communicate with other officials or your assignor,

  • and much more.

Your assignor will create an account for you. Look for an email from Assignr with the subject line New Account Information for Assignr.


Once you login for the first time, we recommend that you verify that the contact information shown in your profile is correct. You will also need to provide your availability by indicating days and times you are available to work, which can be found on the Availability page.

If your organization is using Direct Deposit, you'll also need to provide your W9 and bank account information, all of which can be found in the Financials menu item.

For specific information on each step, use the menu option on the left side of this page

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