Restrict a Position by Group
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For assignors who work with timekeepers, scorekeepers, or different groups of people who are not on-field or on-court officials, you can use the Assignr groups functionality to restrict who can be assigned to specific positions on a game.

This is useful when you work with distinct groups of people who will generally never be assigned to a specific position.

As an example, a basketball assignor is tasked with assigning a total of four people per game: two referees, a timekeeper, and a scorekeeper. Referees generally do not work as timekeepers or scorekeepers, and timekeepers/scorekeepers do not work as referees.

In this scenario, it is useful when assigning a Timekeeper position on a game to only see a list of timekeepers. Likewise, when assigning a Referee position, it is useful to only see a list of referees and not see any timekeepers in the list of available officials.

Steps to Enable Group Restrictions

The first step is to create a group (such as "Timekeepers"), and add members to the group.


Once you have created a group, use the Maintenance โ†’ Patterns menu option to go to the Patterns page. This page will list all of the configured positions.


Find the position to be restricted, then click the Configure button.


In the Restrict to Groups box, choose the group you created (e.g. "Timekeepers"), then click Save.

Once a position has been restricted, the Assign screen will only show members of the given group(s) when assigning the position.

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