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Groups are used with the assigning and messaging systems. allows you to assign officials to groups, and these groups can be used to ensure that the correct official is assigned to each game. Groups are also used by the Assignr messaging system, so that you can easily contact a specific group of officials, rather than sending a message to everyone.

Each group can have one or more Rules attached to it. The Assignr assigning system uses these rules to determine whether an official can work a particular game or not.

There are two kinds of Rules in Assignr:

  • A Required rule will allow an official to be assigned to a game matching the criteria you specify. If a game has any applicable Required rules, the official can be assigned if they are a member of at least one group that matches.

  • A Restricted rule will prevent an official to be assigned to a game matching the criteria you specify. If a game has any applicable Restricted rules, the official cannot be assigned if they are a member of any group that matches.

As an example, if you have a group of timekeepers, and they are only permitted to be assigned to the Timekeeper position. To configure this:

  • Add a group called Timekeepers

  • Assign your timekeepers to the Timekeepers group

  • Add a Required rule to the Timekeepers group, and choose Position: Timekeeper.

Once this rule has been added, only members of the Timekeepers group will be able to be assigned to the Timekeeper's position.

Add a Group

To add a new group, use the Maintenance : Groups & Rules menu item, then click Add a New Group.

  • Type the name of the group

  • Click Create

Add People to a Group

Once a group has been created, click the Members button to start adding people to the group.


Add a Rule

From the Groups & Rules screen, click the Rules button to view rules and add a new rule.

  • Click Add a Rule

  • Choose the rule type (either Required or Restricted)

  • Choose the game criteria for games that should match

  • Click Save


Assigning Officials

Once you have added rules & groups to, you'll start seeing a G conflict if determines that an individual cannot work the game due to a group / rule mismatch.

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