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If you need to track fees paid to an assignor for their services, you can use our system to do this. We currently support a flat per-game fee, which is charged back to the league.

Enable Assignor Fees

The feature can be enabled from the Site Settings page:

  • click your name, upper right corner of the screen, then choose Account

  • choose the Other Enabled Features option

  • check the Travel & Assignor Fees option

  • If you plan to assign specific assignors to each game or pay assignors using Direct Deposit, then you should also check the Game Assignors option.

  • click Save

Configure Assignor Fees

Assignor fees can be configured from the Maintenance โ†’ Assignor Fees menu option.

The Assignor Fees screen allows you to configure one or more rules that are used to calculate the assignor fee for each game.


Flat Fee Per Game

If you charge a flat fee per game, regardless of what kind of game it is, you will only need to add one rule on the Assignor Fees page.

  • click New Rule

  • in the Amount box, enter the amount of the assignor fee

  • click Save

Variable Fee Per Game

If you charge a flat fee based on the League, Game Type, Home Team Group, or Age Group, you will need to create one rule for each type of game.

  • click New Rule

  • in the Amount box, enter the amount of the assignor fee

  • in the Game Type(s), League(s), Home Team Group(s), and Age Group(s) boxes, choose the specific criteria that the fee should be associated with

  • click Save

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Rule Priority & Recalculation of Assignor Fees

Rules are evaluated in priority order, with the rule at the top being evaluated first.

Assignor fees are calculated at the time that a game is added to the system.

If you modify the rules used to determine the assignor fee amount, you will want to use the Recalculate option on this screen to calculate the correct assignor fee for games that are already in the system.

Payment of Assignors through the Direct Deposit system

Assignors can be paid their assignor fees through the Direct Deposit system. In order to pay an assignor:

  • Each game must have an assignor assigned to it, and

  • Each game must have assignor fees configured.

Once both of these have been configured, the designated assignor, along with their fees, will be shown on the Approve Games screen.

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