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Batch Delete, Publish & Cancel
Batch Delete, Publish & Cancel
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The Searches screen can be used to publish, un-publish, cancel, or delete a group of games.

To get started, click the Searches menu item:


In the select box at the top of the page, choose Games, then click Go.


In the Description box, type a name for the search, such as "This Week's Games"


Next you'll choose the criteria you want for matching games. You can search for games by date, venue, age group, and many other things.

As an example, if you just want to publish all unpublished games between March 6 and March 12:

Under Dates, enter the date range:


Check the Unpublished box to select only unpublished games


At the bottom of the page, click Create

Once you return to the list of searches, find your new search on the page.

On the right side of the screen, in the Batch column, choose what you want to do (such as Publish), then click Go.


It may take a minute or two, depending on how many games you are updating.

Batch Delete or Batch Cancel Games

This process can also be used to delete or cancel all games over a range of dates. To do this, you'll choose either Cancel (with pay), Cancel (no pay) or Delete in the Batch column, then click Go.

Before performing a mass-delete of your games, we recommend that you use the Export CSV link to download a spreadsheet of the games that will be deleted.

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