Enabling Travel Restrictions
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Travel restrictions allow an official to specify the maximum distance they are willing to travel.

There are two steps involved with enabling travel restrictions:

  • Each venue should have an address, and

  • Each official should specify their home address and maximum travel distance.

Add an Address to Each Venue

  • Use the Maintenance β†’ Venues menu item

  • Next to any venue that does not have the word Map next to it, click the Edit button

  • Enter an address for the venue. The exact location for a venue can be fine tuned by dragging and dropping the pin on the map.

  • Click Update

Configure an Official's Profile With a Travel Restriction

If an official would only like to work games within a specific distance of their home address, they will need to edit their profile to indicate their home address and travel distance. An assignor can also change this on behalf of an official by editing their profile.

Officials can navigate to their profile:

  • click their name in the upper right corner of the screen, then

  • click Profile

An assignor navigates to a profile:

  • click the People menu item,

  • find the person's name in the list, OR type the person's name in the search box, then

  • click the person's name

From an official's profile screen, a travel restriction can be enabled:

  • Next to Travel Restriction, click Edit

  • Enter the home address

  • Enter the maximum distance for travel

  • Click Save

Assignors will see a "V" (venue) conflict when an official is assigned to a game that is outside of their travel area. Also, from the Games screen, the travel restriction will appear on the official's Profile tab when assigning:


Travel restrictions are calculated on a straight-line distance (e.g. a 30 mile travel restriction will allow games within a 30 mile radius of the official's home address).

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