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The Assignr messaging system is an easy way to communicate with your officials. You can send a message to one or more officials from the Messages page, or you can send a message to the officiating crew of a specific game by clicking the mailbox icon on the game.

All messages are sent via email. Assignors can also optionally send a message via push notification to officials' mobile phones. To receive phone notifications, an official will need to install the Assignr mobile app on their phone.

All messaging functionality is accessible through the Messages screen, which can be accessed from the Messages menu option, or by accessing the mailbox icon at the top of the page.

The Messages page will show your inbox, which has any message sent to you through Assignr.


Send a Message

To send a new message, use the New Message button.

You can type the recipient names into the To or BCC box. You can also send a message to a group, or you can also send a message to a system-defined group, such as All Officials, All Assignors, or All Active Accounts.


You can also alert your officials on their phones as well. When you create a new message, just check the Also Send via Push Notification checkbox, and your message will be sent immediately by email and also to your officials' phones as a mobile notification. This is a great way to send a group notification, and have the alert show up on their phone.

You can type the full content of the message, and also provide a short preview that will be seen on your officials' phones.


Officials who use the mobile app will see a notification on their phone.


Officials can access the full message by touching the notification, or by accessing the Messages area of the mobile app. They can also check their email account, since the message is always sent via email.


Resuming Delivery for Unsubscribed/Bounced Addresses

If your email address has been blocked due to a bounce, unsubscribe, or spam report, you can unblock the address by using the following steps:

  • Click your name, in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Click the Profile link.

  • In the Email Delivery section, click the Resume Delivery link.

If you don't see a Resume Delivery link, then your messages are not currently being blocked.

Assignors can also resume delivery for anyone on the site:

  • Click the People menu item.

  • Click the person's name.

  • Click the Resume Delivery link, if it is visible.

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