Assigning Games to a Payor
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In order for to know who is responsible for paying a game, each game to be paid will need to be assigned to a specific payor. This can be done at the time the games are entered into the system, or can be assigned from the Approve Games screen.

Spreadsheet Import

If a game is added to by a spreadsheet import, you can add a new column and provide the name of the payor in the spreadsheet.


Ensure that the name of the payor matches the name of the payor within

During the spreadsheet import process, will ask you to match up the data in your spreadsheet with the importable data elements of a game. You will use this screen to indicate which column in your spreadsheet is the Paid By column.


Manual Entry

If a game is manually added, you can set the Paid By attribute for the game at the time it is added to


If a Game is Not Assigned to a Payor

For games that are not assigned to a payor, they can be assigned in bulk from the Approve Games screen.

If all games are paid by the same payor, all games can be set using the Change all to... link at the top of the page.

If you need to individually set the payor for each game, click the No Payor Set link next to the game, then choose the payor from the list.

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