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Once games have been approved, consolidates all of the game payment information into a single statement. Each statement is a list of one or more games that are to be paid to a specific official. A statement is similar to an invoice, a bill, or a paystub.

The statements screen is where you can view amounts owed to officials, create a new manual statement for a one-off payment, and also initiate a direct deposit or manual payment to one or more officials.

To Access a List of Statements

  • use the Financials menu, then click View Payors.

  • Click the Statements button next to the payor you are looking to access.

  • You can also click the outstanding amount (if it's shown) to navigate to the same screen.


If you are not an assignor, you will use the Financials menu, then click the name of your organization.

Once on your organization's payor page, you can click the Statements menu item at the top of the page.


Filter by Payment Status, Date or Official

The Statements screen shows all statements, regardless of payment status. You can filter the statements that are shown on this screen using Find Statements. This allows you limit what you see by payment status (paid/unpaid), by date, or by official to be paid.

You can also go directly to all unpaid statements by clicking View All Unpaid.

View Statement Details

You can access each statement's detailed information by clicking the date on a statement in the list.

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