Handling Cash Games

When officials are paid cash prior to the start of the game, you can use the Paid Via field to ensure correct accounting.

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Some assignors will need to distinguish between games that are "paid later" via check or Direct Deposit vs. games where the officials are paid in cash prior to the start of the game.

Each game can be tracked as to what the intended method of payment will be. Your options are either:

  • Check or Direct Deposit (the default for new games), or

  • Cash Paid at the Game

This information is needed when using our Direct Deposit system, as you will not want games paid in cash to additionally be paid via Direct Deposit.

When games are marked as "cash" games, and the game has a specific payor indicated, Assignr will handle these games slightly differently.

Normally, when a game is approved for payment, the games are marked as Unpaid and will go through the normal processing for paying via Direct Deposit or manual payment / paper check.

For games that are marked as cash games, the games will automatically be marked as Paid, and a statement will be created for the set of cash games approved.

Cash games will be included in 1099-NEC amounts, if your organization uses Assignr to issue these forms to officials who need them.

This is an example of a statement that was created for a game that was marked as Cash Paid at Game.

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