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Our financial module reports are accessible from each section of the financial module (statements, payments, and ledger accounts).

Additionally, there are game reports that can be run that also include financial data.

All reports can be run by using the Run a Report section, located on any of these three pages.


Statement Reports

From the Statements page, you can run a report that will export statement information. The Statements page provides two reports, Statement Summary and Statement Detail.

Statement Summary provides statement date, recipient, total amount, amount paid, and status of each statement.


The Statement Detail report provides line-item detail for each statement.


Payment Reports

The Payments page provides reports on payments made. These reports can be useful for determining who specifically was paid in any given payment batch.

The Payment Summary provides a date and amount of each payment batch.


The Payment Detail report provides detail for each payment included within a given payment batch.


Ledger Account Reports

The Ledger Account reports provide line-item detail for each ledger account. These reports can be used to view money coming in and out of your checking account, Dwolla account (for direct deposit users).

To access the Ledger Account screen, use the Settings : Ledger Accounts menu item at the top of the page.

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