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1099-NEC Approval Process for Administrators
1099-NEC Approval Process for Administrators
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As part of our service, Assignr can issue a IRS 1099-NEC form for for any official who has been paid $600 or more during the calendar year.

Our 1099-NEC Process

  • Assignr issues a 1099-NEC form to anyone who was paid $600 or more during the calendar year.

  • Officials can access their 1099 electronically from the Assignr website.

  • The 1099-NEC will be issued on behalf of your organization, using the EIN for your organization.

  • In late January, we send an email to each official who was issued a 1099-NEC form, along with instructions on how to access it.

  • 1099-NEC information will also be sent electronically to the IRS on your behalf.

Payment Administrator Responsibilities

Since Assignr is issuing a 1099-NEC form on behalf of your organization, there's a couple things we need from you:

  • If you have payments that are not in Assignr that need to be included in the officials' 1099-NEC forms, you will need to enter these payments manually.

  • On the 1099-NEC page, you should look over the numbers and make sure that everything looks accurate. All payments we have in the system are automatically included in the totals, so it shouldn't take much to review it.

  • Ensure your contact details correct, and approve the 1099s for sending.

  • This step must be completed by no later than January 10.

To navigate to this page:

  • Financials β†’ Name of your Organization

  • Click on the It's Tax Time... Get Started banner

The 1099 page will show you the officials who need a 1099, as well as the officials who did not make enough to need a 1099-NEC form issued.


You can review the information on this page for accuracy, which can be checked by running reports from our system.

If all looks good, check the I Authorize Assignr... checkbox and click the Approve button.

Assignr's Responsibilities

Our job begins once you have approved the 1099-NEC amounts.

  • Once approved, we will manually review the numbers and make sure it all looks OK from our end.

  • After review, Assignr will transmit your 1099-NEC information to the IRS.

  • In late January, we will send an email to each official who was issued a 1099-NEC form, along with instructions on how to access it through the Assignr site.

  • For officials who no longer have access to Assignr, we will send them a paper copy of their 1099-NEC form via the US Postal Service.

IRS Form 1096 Not Needed

When you send a paper 1099-NEC form to the IRS, they generally require an IRS Form 1096 to be provided as a cover sheet. Since our process sends the information directly to the IRS, you will not need to file a Form 1096 with the IRS.

State Tax Requirements

You (the payor) are ultimately responsible for ensuring you are compliant with both federal and state tax requirements. Our system will electronically file your 1099-NEC information with the IRS. For states that accept information electronically from the IRS, this information is automatically transmitted to the respective state taxing authorities.

Each state has different tax filing requirements. Some have no requirements at all, and others have requirements that we take care of when we file with the IRS.

The information below was last updated in December 2023.

Our service will automatically transmit 1099-NEC information to the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

If your state is not listed above, please consult with your state's revenue or taxation website. In most cases, nothing additional is required. However, each state is different and it is your responsibility to comply with deadlines and filing requirements imposed by your state taxing authority.

The information on this page does not constitute tax advice. You should consult with your CPA or tax attorney for specific advice on your state tax filing requirements.

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