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API is an acronym for an Application Programming Interface. The Assignr API is a software interface that allows software applications to read or update information in the Assignr system. Software developers can write scripts to retrieve or update information in the Assignr system, such as games, officials, availability, game reports, and much more.

Access to the Assignr API is available for organizations who use Assignr to manage their referees and umpires. Companies or individuals who are interested in writing an integration with Assignr are also able to request access to our API.

API Documentation

All documentation related to the Assignr API can be found at


The current version of the Assignr API is version 2, which is documented at the above link. Version 1 of the Assignr API was retired on May 31, 2022.

Developer Accounts

Developers may request a free developer account by contacting Assignr Support.

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