How to Set Up Leagues
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In the platform, each game can be assigned a League. This is an optional field, but we recommend setting leagues up if any of the following criteria apply to your organization:

  1. if your games are part of multiple leagues,

  2. if your game fees differ per league,

  3. if you'd like to enable league-specific game permissions for your assignors and/or observers, and/or

  4. if you use our USSF integration, and only some of your leagues are USSF affiliated.

How do I add a League?

Leagues can be configured under Maintenance β†’ Leagues.

To add a league, follow these steps:

  1. Select Maintenance β†’ Leagues.

  2. Select + Add New League.

  3. Add the League's Name and Description (optional).

  4. Select Save.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each League in your site.

πŸ’‘ If you import games with Leagues associated with them that are not yet in the system, they will be automatically saved as new Leagues upon completion of the import. You can always edit those after they've been imported, under Maintenance β†’ Leagues.

If your Game Fees are based off of games' Leagues, then you can add game fees by following these steps:

πŸ’‘ For full step-by-step instructions on Game Fees, check out this article.

  1. From Maintenance β†’ Leagues, select Edit next to the League you want to add Game Fees to.

  2. Under Game Fees, fill in the Default Fees (and, if applicable, Pay Scale fees), for each Age Group, Pattern, and Position.

  3. Select Save.

What are Leagues used for?

Depending on how a site is set up, Leagues can be used for a few different things.

1. Game Fees.

As mentioned above, one of the ways you can set up Game Fees in the platform is per League. Learn about all the ways you can set up Game Fees in this article here.

2. League-Specific Game Permissions.

Some sites may have league-specific game permissions enabled. This ensures that assignors and observers only have access to the leagues and games that are relevant for them.

You can learn more about these permissions in this article: How to set up Permissions for your Users.

3. League Descriptions for Officials.

As described above, there is an option to add a description to each league. If assignors have specific information they want to share with officials for their leagues - whether in text or attachment format - they can do so by adding it in the League Description box.

4. USSF Affiliation.

If your site uses our USSF integration, then each league can be marked as affiliated with USSF (βœ…) or not. This informs the system whether USSF certifications should be taken into consideration or not when assigning officials to that league's games.

If you have any questions on Leagues, reach out to us at [email protected]. πŸ‘

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