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Within the platform, site owners (and designated assignors) have the option to add officials to different Officials Lists.

Officials Lists offer a way for you to:

  1. Restrict which officials your assignors see when they log in.

  2. Restrict which officials can work what leagues.

When an assignor is added to an Officials List, they will only be able to see the officials in that list.

This feature is particularly helpful for organizations with a large volume of officials, because it allows you to set assignors up to only see officials that are relevant for their specific location(s) or league(s).

This helps prevent assignors from needing to wade through a very large list of officials.

How to Create a List

1. Select People β†’ Officials Lists, from the menu on the left-hand side of your account.

2. Select + Add New List.

3. Determine the details of your new list:

a. Add the Name of your list.

b. Determine if your list will be Assignor Specific, or a Global List (applicable to all assignors, but limited to specific leagues).

c. Optional: Add the Leagues you want to limit this list to.

d. Add the officials you want in this list. Note: you can always add more officials later.

e. Determine who can make changes to your list. If you opt for specific assignors, add them in the Assignors dropdown.

f. Select Save.

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4. If you haven't already, add your officials to the list:

a. Select the list icon next to whatever you list you wish to add officials to.

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b. Select the checkboxes next to whatever officials you want to add to this list.

c. Select Save.

Note πŸ’‘ by default, your officials are sorted by last name. You can also sort by City or Distance if you prefer. Simply select the Search By field you want to search by and select Go.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens if I don't add an assignor to a list?

Assignors that are not part of any lists will be able to see all officials sitewide.

2. Can an official be a part of more than one list?

Yes. You can add officials to as many lists as you'd like.

3. Can an assignor be a part of more than one list?

Yes, you can add assignors to whatever lists fall within their responsibility.

4. Does this functionality restrict the games that an official can see on the Unassigned Games or All Games page?

No. Being in an Officials List(s) does not affect an official's ability to see all games sitewide.

NoteπŸ’‘ if you'd like to create restrictions around which officials can see which games, you can do this through our Groups & Rules functionality.

Additionally, officials can filter on games using our Game Filters feature.

5. Can assignors add and remove people from Officials Lists?

This depends on the settings for the list, under Who Can Make Changes to the List?

The assignor must be listed as someone that can make changes to the list. Or, the list must be set to be changed by All Assignors.

6. If an assignor adds a new official to the site, will that officially automatically be added to that assignor's Officials List(s)?

No. If an assignor wants to add a new official to the site and also add that official to an Officials List, they will need to do that in two steps:

1. From the People β†’ All People page, add the official's profile to the site.

2. From the People β†’ Officials Lists page, add the official to the appropriate Officials List(s).

7. Is there a way for me to see all the lists that an assignor is a part of?

Yes. An assignor's lists can be found under the Permissions section of an assignor's profile.

Alternatively, you can view assignors' lists by navigating to the People β†’ Assignors & Game Managers page.

8. How can I edit the settings of an Officials List?

From the People β†’ Officials Lists page, select the name of the list that you want to edit.

Make the necessary updates and then select Save.

9. Do officials know they are a part of an Officials List(s)?

No, Officials Lists are used on the backend by site owners and (when granted permission) assignors.

10. How can I enable the Officials Lists feature on my site?

Officials Lists are available on our Elite, Enterprise and Per-Game Plans. As long as you're on one of these plans, simply reach out to our customer support team, and we'd be happy to enable this feature on your site ([email protected]).

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