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Publish Games
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Once you add or import games, the games are considered "unpublished" and not visible to your officials. Unpublished games can be modified, reassigned, or deleted and assigned referees will not be notified.

Once you are ready for your officials to see their assigned games, you will need to publish the games.

Games can be published in two ways:

  • On the games screen, click the check-box next to the word Published? or

  • Use a batch job to publish multiple games at once.

Once a game has been published, assignment notifications will be sent to your officials. There is a short delay before notifications are actually sent, in case you change your mind and un-publish a game.

Published games will be immediately visible in a referee's iCalendar feed.

Referees can only view published games that are assigned to them.

If a published and assigned game is un-published, the assigned officials will receive a notification stating that they have been removed from the game.

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