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Adding Payors & Managing Permissions
Adding Payors & Managing Permissions
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A Payor is an organization that pays officials. Depending on who pays your officials, a Payor could be an officiating association, a league, a school, or an individual.

To add a new Payor:

  • Click the Financials menu, then click View Payors.

  • Click Add a Payor

  • Enter the name of the organization or individual that is paying officials.

  • If your site will only ever have one entity paying officials, click the Default Payor checkbox

  • Click Save

Each person that you add can be granted access to a Payor's information. You can navigate to the People menu to add a new person to the system, or edit an existing person's account permissions.

In either case, an account owner can grant someone permission to manage a specific Payor from the Payor page.

  • Click the Financials menu, then click View Payors

  • Click the name of the payor

  • Use the Settings : Permissions menu item


To grant someone permission, click the Add Permission button.


You will have several different permissions you can grant:

  • Full Control: full capabilities to manage all aspects, including bank transfers, permissions, and paying officials

  • Manual Entry: Able to manually add a statement or mark a statement as paid. Does not have access to bank information.

  • View: Can view information but cannot make changes.

  • Initiate ACH Payments: Can initiate an ACH payment but does not have access to bank account or transfers.

  • Mailed Checks: Can initiate payments to officials using the Assignr mailed check functionality.

To revoke permissions, click on the specific permission you want to revoke.

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